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    Copy an entire Confluence space for OnDemand

    Copy an entire Confluence space for OnDemand

    Copy a Confluence Space

    Real time progress

    Review copied content

    New tab allows for the copying of a Confluence space.

    The Copy Space AddOn gives you real time feedback of the progress of your job.

    The Copy Space plugin gives a detailed log view of content copied.

    Also navigate directly to your new space via the "Go To New Space" button.

    More details

    Copy Space allows a space administrator to copy a space, including the pages within the space, but excluding (so far)page history, blog posts and email.

    User reviews

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    by Yusuf Erkan on 2017-01-18
    Doesnt work - error
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    by Brendan Patterson on 2017-01-10
    Copy Space adds the features of the popular "Server" Copy Space Add On. Give it a try!
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    by SungHwan Park on 2016-04-09
    Cool! This is a very useful add-on. Now, I am free from tiresome tasks to copy spaces.
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    Artemis Software

    Thanks very much for your interest in the add-on!

    Basically the "add-on user" is created by the add-on when you install it. It is that 'copy-space' user that needs to have permission to create a space. Sorry for the confusion.

    This is a giant pain for all Cloud add-on developers. We will update our error message to be more helpful.

    The link below explains how it works and how to add permissions for that Cloud add-on user.


    Once you add 'create space' permissions to the user it should work and please consider updating your review :)

    by Andrew Drury on 2016-01-27
    I struggled to get Copy Space to work initially as there seemed to be permission problems. I was unable to resolve it, so raised a support ticket with Artemis and was quickly sorted out by Brendan (although I had ensured that user permissions were fine, I had forgotten to check whether any of the pages in the space that I was copying had Restrictions placed upon them - which they had!). Once that problem was resolved Copy Space worked a treat. I haven't yet investigated all the pages in the copied space, but a quick review indicates that the content is there, and the links are working.
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    by Laura White on 2015-09-09
    Although CopySpace isn't perfect, it saves me a lot of time. It's nice because I can maintain a DEV version of my documentation, and then use CopySpace to publish a PROD version of my space when it's ready. I needed the cloud version of this ad-on and was happy to find that it was available.
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    How does cloud add-on pricing work?

    Cloud pricing is subscription based. You are eligible for support and automatic version updates as long as your subscription is active.

    When your subscription renews each month, your pricing tier for host products and add-ons is automatically adjusted (as necessary) based on the number of users in your instance.

    If you've opted for annual billing for your host product, add-ons are also billed annually. Annual subscriptions for this add-on include a discount (12 months for the price of 10).

    If add-on pricing changes after your initial purchase, there's a 60-day grandfathering period during which you can renew based on the old pricing.

    How do I determine my cloud pricing tier?

    The cloud add-on tier is set automatically based on the license tier of the host application. For example, if you have a Confluence Cloud license for 25 users, your add-on tier is 25 users.

    Do you offer academic, community, or open-source licenses?

    For server add-ons, purchase and renewal is half-price if you have an academic license for your Atlassian host application. Server add-ons are always free for community and open-source licenses. Cloud add-ons do not have discounted or free licenses.

    For more details about qualifying for special licenses, see here.

    Can I extend my free trial?

    For cloud add-ons, you cannot extend your free evaluation period. All cloud add-ons are immediately subscribed by a user, and we provide a free evaluation period. This is a minimum of 30 days and ends on the second billing cycle after you first subscribe to the add-on.

    Artemis Software is an vendor, committed to providing support for their add-ons at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

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    Confluence Cloud • Released 2014-05-24


    Minor version update


    Minor version update


    1. Log into your Confluence instance as an admin.
    2. Click the admin dropdown and choose Add-ons. The Find new add-ons screen loads.
    3. Locate Copy Space for Confluence.
    4. Click Free trial to download and install your add-on.
    5. You're all set! Click Close in the Installed and ready to go dialog.

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