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Atlassian Connector for Visual Studio

by Atlassian for multiple products
JIRA Server 3.12.3 - 6.0.8
Bamboo Server 2.6 - 5.1.1
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    Atlassian Connector for Visual Studio

    The Atlassian Connector for Visual Studio allows you to work with the Atlassian products right within your IDE. You can see relevant JIRA issues and Bamboo build information right within Visual Studio.
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    by Kerneels Roos on 07 Jun 2013
    The connector plugin has a lot of potential, however, in terms of accessibility for someone using a screen reader such as JAWS (Job Access With Speech) it fails miserably I'm sorry to say. The majority of controls are not labled properly, making it impossible for a screen reader to announce their functions. More keyboard shortcuts for controls which are impossible to tab to would also be much appreciated and increase accessibility dramatically. I'm looking forward to new and improved versions of this plugin. Definitely something that could increase productivity quite a bit provided a little effort is made to make it more keyboard only, and screen reader friendly. Thanks for the good work thus far!
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    by Michael Pollack on 17 Oct 2013
    I installed the extension and I watched my VS start to sputter Holding down the up arrow would move the cursor up a few lines then it would stop I tried the fix, disable scanning.... NO JOY! I tried to disable it but you cannot so I had to uninstall it Problem gone, too bad it was a good idea
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    by Zaddy M. on 22 Jun 2010
    May be it can be usable for "open software fans", but for ones tring to switch from MS Team Foundation Server it's a disaster. Like the product itself, this modul is very immature: it's nether stable or functional to be used (with ease) for SCRUM.
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    by blair allen stark on 12 Apr 2011
    Gotta agree with zammy. Extremely disappointing coming from TFS. Its products like this that make open source an extremely expensive alternative. Might be good for people doing open source (those who enjoy billing their clients for reams of unnecessary, convoluted development and maintaining appearances of expertise), but for those who value their personal time - stay away!!! BTW 1.3.1 against JIRA v4.1.2#531 blows up when debugging in VS 2008. But hey, what do I care??? I billed my client for 2hrs @ US$300/hr. to determine its the "freeware" he insists on using. Ahh the hidden costs of free software. baaa-baaaaaaa. . . effing sheep. don't even get me started on JIRA. . what a dog that is!!!
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    by far far on 05 Mar 2015
    Does not compatible with visual studio 2015.
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    Release notes

    version 1.3.11JIRA Server 3.12.3 - 6.0.8, Bamboo Server 2.6 - 5.1.1

    • support for Visual Studio 2013
    • support for JIRA Agile and newer
    • bugfixes

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