Nice one! Your team went JIRA. You've got a best-in-class issue tracker, but that's only the beginning. The Marketplace is brimming with apps for time-tracking, agile project management, test management, and integration with your other systems. Add-ons are ready to help make JIRA the best project tracker you've ever used.

  • Time tracking add-ons for JIRA make entering time and allocating resources a breeze.
  • Test case management add-ons are a natural way to tightly integrate product management, development, and testing.
  • Get insight into your JIRA projects from the broadest overview to the nittiest, grittiest details with project management add-ons.


Whatever your drive is for time tracking, resource planning, or project management, look to Tempo for JIRA. Tempo works at all levels of your organization providing timesheets, reporting and planning capabilities, business intelligence, and more for your employees, project managers, account managers, and executives. Tempo is a seamless way to connect your business activities and accurately report on them.


Zephyr for JIRA is the most efficient way for project teams to manage testing inside JIRA. With a UI that is completely native to JIRA, users can begin setting up test management from a single interface in their bug tracker. Create and organize tests within test cycles, link them directly to user stories, execute tests and file defects in JIRA.


Profields helps you define project-level information about policies, standards, or procedures in JIRA. Define metadata for your JIRA projects, like costs, stakeholders, technology used, project status, and more. With Profields, JIRA becomes a cost-effective project portfolio management (PPM) solution.