Technical Documentation in Confluence

Technical writers everywhere use Confluence to collaborate on private or public documentation. Teams can author, track changes, organize and structure, restrict editing, and import or export in a variety of formats – PDF, DocBook XML, Word, HTML, and more. Add-ons extend Confluence's technical writing power.

  • Easily manage different versions of a product and track changes in your documentation
  • Define custom templates for a variety of export formats, including Microsoft Word
  • Style Confluence to make your public documentation beautiful and easy-to-navigate
  • Instant search makes it easy to quickly find the most relevant pieces of your documentation

Scroll Office

Scroll Office helps you to create and deliver great Microsoft Office documentation, a must for technical writers everywhere. Write your documents in Confluence, collaborate with your team, then generate properly-formatted customized Word documents to store, exchange and print information.

Zen Foundation

Zen Foundation gives your technical documentation the professional look it deserves, seamlessly branded to match your existing web sites. Used by Atlassian, Zen makes Confluence beautiful and easy, with intuitive menus, auto page numbering, drag-and-drop master layouts, simplified editing, and drafts & publishing to make your technical writer's life a snap and their documentation look incredible.

Scroll Versions

Scroll Versions turns Confluence into a full-fledged technical writing solution. Manage concurrent versions of your documentation within a single Confluence space. Increase content-reuse and take advantage of context-sensitive help features... and one more thing: Scroll Versions also adds support for duplicate page titles and permalinks to Confluence.