Confluence is the perfect tool for getting everyone on the same page. Create stunning visuals to explain your ideas, theme Confluence into a thing of beauty, or take advantage of powerful tools for technical writers. Whether your team is large or small, technical or Luddite, there's a Confluence add-on to get everyone in sync.

  • Bring designers, product managers, and developers together with product specifications and mockups.
  • Define custom templates for a variety of export formats, including Microsoft Word.
  • Create a gorgeous public-facing site while maintaining the wiki back-end with Confluence's powerful editor and rich collaboration.

Scroll Office

Scroll Office helps you to create and deliver great Microsoft Office documentation, a must for technical writers everywhere. Write your documents in Confluence, collaborate with your team, then generate properly-formatted customized Word documents to store, exchange and print information.


Baslamiq Mockups for Confluence allows you to add beautiful, descriptive UI mockups to your Confluence pages. Balsamiq is easy enough for the whole team to use, and iterating on a mockup in Confluence helps teams work together during the design process. Cut down on spec-writing time and focus on what matters.

Zen Foundation

Zen Foundation makes Confluence beautiful and easy. Engage non-technical users with amazing graphic design, drag-and-drop layouts, easy menus, simplified editing, drafts & publishing, and better blogging. Zen spreads the power of Confluence collaboration throughout your organization, and beyond.