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Deliver quality code by integrating testing tools directly into your Jira Software dashboard

Bringing testing capabilities within Jira helps tightly integrate product management, development, and testing to streamline efficiency and productivity.

Why testing and QA are essential to agile software development

Testing in an agile software development environment is an essential part of delivering requirements that provide a good experience for the end user while maintaining velocity. By integrating QA tracking, testing, and analysis into each iteration or phase of the agile software development process, teams can move faster, identify blockers with more accuracy, and release updates more efficiently and effectively.

Test management use cases

Some use cases for test management tools include the ability to:

  • Link requirements and test cases directly to Jira issues
  • Manage testing from end-to-end by tracking requirements and test cycles
  • Track critical bugs and manage tests from one single interface
  • Build test execution cycles and reuse repeatable test suites
  • Automate Jira tickets with bug reporting or service management tools

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