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Take your Jira Cloud Marketplace apps to any device

Take any business, software or IT workflow and give your team the choice on when and where they want to get the job done. Marketplace apps now work in the Jira Cloud mobile (iOS, Android) & desktop (Mac) apps. Whichever device you choose, stay connected and work the way that suits you best.

Work flexibly and seamlessly in any situation

Improve productivity and encourage fluid collaboration for your team by having access to important use-cases where you need it. Be connected with what’s happening so you can continue your work effectively and improve response times for your customers.

Use cases for marketplace apps across devices:

  • Hundreds of use-cases in all form factors now enabled on mobile, tablet and desktop native clients for Jira Cloud.
  • Perform your most important tasks from whichever device you prefer to work from.
  • Never miss out on critical information and improve response time to stakeholders while on-the-go.
  • Get the same rich information and functionality no matter which platform you are working from.

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