Apps from Codegeist 2021

Apps from Codegeist 2021 category

Brand new apps from Atlassian's annual hackathon, Codegeist.

Each year, Atlassian hosts a hackathon for our community of innovative developers. During the 8 week competition, called Codegeist, developers from around the world build innovative cloud applications for their favorite Atlassian tools. Here are some of the apps submitted by Codegeist participants this year.

Work smarter with apps for Jira and Confluence

No two teams work exactly alike, so why should your tools be the same? With apps to extend and customize Jira and Confluence, your team can accomplish more, get things done faster, or find more convenient ways of working. Get better insights to continuously improve, navigate shared spaces with ease, get more flexibility with your automation and customization β€” with apps, you can do more.

Codegeist 2021 themes

Across all the Codegeist 2021 entries, we noticed some themes...

  • Automating privacy controls, signature requirements, and other checks to ease the burden of compliance requirements.
  • Leveraging machine learning techniques like image classification, natural language processing, and voice recognition to surface insights and automate tasks.
  • Unifying information across platforms like payment systems, office planning and talent management tools to reduce context-switching.

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