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Cloud apps with advanced security, reliability and support

With advanced standards for security, reliability and support, Cloud Fortified apps are ready to meet the needs of all Atlassian Cloud customers, including enterprises. A Cloud Fortified badge indicates that an app participates in all six of Atlassian's cloud app security programs and undergoes additional checks for service reliability and performance. Cloud Fortified apps integrate their incident and review processes with Atlassian to allow for faster recovery time and continuous improvement, and abide by strict Atlassian-defined app support SLAs.

Premium and Enterprise grade cloud apps you can trust

Cloud Fortified apps have demonstrated a strong investment in cloud security and reliability, and if a problem arises, these apps are backed by an Atlassian-defined support SLA. The requirements of this program ensure that participating apps are in line with the Enterprise and Premium levels of Atlassian core products, but Cloud Fortified apps can be used by companies on any Atlassian plan.

Cloud Fortified benefits


  • Proactive security testing – cloud apps receive continuous security testing for cloud apps from a global pool of ethical security researchers.
  • Extra performance and reliability checks reduce likelihood of disruptions to your team's workflow.
  • If something does happen, your Cloud Fortified app will be supported thanks to the program's Atlassian-defined support SLA requirement. 

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