Analytics and reporting tools for Jira and Confluence

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Get better insights and actionable information with analytics and reporting apps for Jira, Confluence, and Jira Service Management

Build visual dashboards, connect to Google Analytics, and review activity tracking to improve your team's performance. Integrate directly with Microsoft Excel™, build better queries with SQL, and create custom spreadsheets—all within Confluence and Jira.

Analytics and reporting apps help reveal actionable insights

Analyze Jira issues by standard and custom issue fields, identify trends like top/bottom performers, and review performance summaries at a glance. Create pivot table reports, visualize your data with tables and charts, and easily share project progress directly in Confluence.

Analytics and reporting apps help you track, measure, and identify trends as they're happening.

Analytics use cases

  • Import and manipulate Microsoft Excel™ data directly in Confluence with advanced spreadsheet formulas and functionality.
  • Integrate with Google Analytics for easier page tracking and improved visibility.
  • Use business intelligence tools to analyze data from multiple sources and make better informed management decisions.
  • Build better Jira reports for easy progress tracking and project insights.

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