Builds! Tests! Deploys! Oh my! With Bamboo, you're one step closer to the dream of continuous deployment. Let this collection of Bamboo add-ons help you get on your way with advanced reporting and powerful integrations. No matter what configuration you have, there's a Bamboo add-on to make your build agents work even better for you.

  • Save admin time by using variables to speed up plan creation
  • Integrate Bamboo with your existing repositories like TFS
  • Use Bamboo to deploy your artifacts straight to your Heroku apps

Project Variables

Create reusable variables for all the plans in your project with Bamboo Project Variables. If you have lots of plans in a project that are only slightly different, this add-on can save you a ton of time when creating tasks. The variables are available for all plans that are part of the project and will automatically be substituted when a task is executed.

TFS Repository

Create builds in Bamboo straight from your team's TFS repositories. TFS Repository supports the last three versions of Microsoft Team Foundation Server and offers out of the box support for TFS repos. It's the fastest way for TFS-based teams to get up and running on the world's best CI server.

Artifactory Plugin

Capture information about deployed artifacts, resolved dependencies and environment data associated with Bamboo build runs and have full traceability for your builds. Additionaly, the Bamboo Artifactory Plugin takes care of deploying your artifacts to Artifactory efficiently when running a multi-module build.