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    +++ NOTE: This add-on is deprecated and superseded by the commercially supported Tasks for AWS and will remain in maintenance mode until Bamboo 5.0 reaches its End of Life - please use Tasks for AWS for new projects, it offers all existing features, further improvements and additional tasks. +++

    Adds several Amazon Web Services (AWS) related Tasks to deploy and operate AWS resources on demand. Enable various development, testing and disaster recovery scenarios by operating backup schedules for EBS volumes and EC2 instances:

    • Create, update or delete an AWS CloudFormation stack (a collection of related Amazon Web Services resources) defined by a template and specify template parameters and advanced options.
    • Start, stop or reboot Amazon EC2 instances, e.g. only when needed by the build itself (development) or at specific times of the day (operations).
    • Create, delete or backup snapshots of Amazon EBS volumes or images of EBS backed Amazon EC2 instances - manage backup schedules for multiple backup sets with retention handling, or create snapshots and images (AMIs) with your deployed build artifacts.

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