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    'insightjiraissues' macro

    This macro allows displaying detailed Jira issues within Confluence pages. Macro requires one parameter - 'keys'. This parameter represents a list of semicolon-separated issue keys which are to be displayed on appropriate Confluence page.

    Since the issue types may differ there are a few templates prepared for this purpose. Templates are called 'usecase-html', 'testcase-html', 'requirement-html' and 'default'. Different templates include different attributes which are specific for the issue. You can specify the template by using 'template' attribute otherwise the default one will be used.


    {insightjiraissues:keys=ABC-25;ABC-27;CDE-155| template=usecase-html}

    Macro has no body so do not close it with another {insightjiraissues} tag.

    Install instructions:

    1) Download the plugin .zip file from

    2) Extract the archive into Confluence lib directory - %CONFLUENCE_HOME%\Confluence\WEB-INF\lib.

    3) Restart Confluence.

    4) Go to Confluence administration section.

    5) Choose Plugins in the left menu and search for Insight :: Jira Issues Confluence Plugin.

    6) Select Configure plugin

    7) Fill and save the form so that the plugin is able to access the issues in Jira. Make sure that these credentials have privileges to access all the Jira issues which might be displayed on Confluence pages.

    Finally, you can use the macro!

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