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A report that will generate velocity tracking charts over versions.

NB This plugin is no longer supported, use for new Jira instances is deprecated: Greenhopper since version 6.0? handles sprint versions internally and no longer relies on the Jira fix version to indicate a sprint. JAVT does not access the new Greenhopper 'iterations' and so will not work if sprints are managed in this way

Report displaying charts for Velocity Points tracking Versions are treated as iterations. The points are gathered from a custom field which must be added (choose which field to generate reports for when running report). Iterations can be of variable length. Forecasting is currently done on 'yesterday's weather.

You might wish to record your stories in Jira before you estimate them and so not take them into account until they are estimated. If you add a custom date picker field ("Estimation Date" perhaps) to your stories then the report lets you use that field for calculating when stories came into play rather than the issue creation date.

Or now with the option to track changes "as they happened"

Filters can also be used to build the report.

0.2.12 Jira 4.3 Release

Tested to Jira 4.4 developer version


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