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A blog theme for Atlassian Confluence, when applied to a space decorates it in a way that many people have come to associate with a "blog".

The logo of the space goes on top as a graphical banner, and the rest of the content is under - the main content area in the left column and the right column contains 9 areas that hold certain pieces of information usually expected from a "blog": search, about info, page options (RSS, print links), calendar, recently edited content, popular content, tag cloud, featured articles (blog roll), archive links.

The view for each blogpost on the front page is restricted to 4 lines of text with Read More links leading to the individual blogposts.

The whole right column can be replaced by creating a page called "Side Panel". If found in the space, the theme will include this page in the right column in full.

Each of the right column parts can be replaced by creating a page called "Side Panel Part One","Side Panel Part Two"... "Side Panel Part Nine" *Please note*: The number is entered as word not as a digit.

Additionally the content of the About and Featured Articles area can be replaced by pages called "About" and "Featured Articles" either in full or if these pages have been marked up with excerpt macro - as excerpts.

Also, if a page called "Footer" is present it's contents will be included at the bottom of the rendered page for all users (if something has to be shown to anonymous users differently than what is shown to authenticated ones this has to be taken care within the page content via Confluence macros).

The theme supports German and French localization so the names of the pages are localized.

The Theme is morphing according to user's permissions
It supports distinctly:
- anonymous users
- authenticated users
- those with page create rights
- those with news create rights
- space admins and global admins

Consider having special groups to denote those who can create content, those who can administer the space and regular users.

Integration with TechTime EasySEO and CSS Switcher plugins

The theme integrates with EasySEO and CSS Switcher plugins.

If EasySEO plugin is deployed the title of the page is composed of the space description and page name. Meta keywords are rendered from labels of the current page and meta information is rendered as an excerpt of the current page.

Integration with CSS Switch allows one to add "skins" to their blog as well as change appearance significantly from the default "narrow" view. This can be done by attaching a CSS file to the home page of the space with no comment specified. See the attached persistent.css for an example how to make your theme 980px wide.

See this plugin in action integrated with CSS Switcher and EasySEO plugins from TechTime:

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