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Feywa extends Jira by robust resource capacity management and planning features.
It allows you to plan capacities and manage allocations for projects, track resource consumption and much more..

  • see planned allocations on your projects in Jira
  • compare the real delivered capacities with those planned
  • see the overall project status on one place (capacities vs tasks)
  • let the team members informed

Jira Reports (see screenshots below)

Feywa report allows the project manager to see on one place the overal status of project capacities and tasks.
Report shows for a specific version or time range:

  • Is anybody in the team overloaded or underloaded?
  • Do people deliver capacities as planed?
    • if less - we are likely to not deliver on time
    • if more - we could perhaps be faster
  • What are the reasons why people deliver less or more?
    • Do they work on other projects?
    • Is somebody "stealing" my capacities? ..who?
    • What is the history of capacity delivery of each person?
  • Are we on time?
    • What is the accuracy of the estimates by now?
    • Is there remaining more or less works than available capacities (till the end of iteration)?
  • Prediction of capacity needs.
    • Should we extend/shrink the team?

Jira Gadgets (see screenshots below )

Feywa gadgets can be placed on personal/project dashboards by developers, project managers, resource managers etc.

These gadgets make them well informed about capacity issues.

  • developer
    • can see on which projects is he allocated and how much of his capacity should he deliver and has already delivered to which project
    • can see on which projects will he be allocated in future
  • project manager - can see and compare planned and delivered capacities of all of his projects
  • resource manager - can see and compare the planned and delivered capacities of all people in the company

Feywa - your feywa tool (see screenshots below )

To fully enjoy the strength of fewya gadgets and reports, you need to use Feywa on the resource allocation side.
Feywa gadgets and reports are usable even without Feywa, but include only the information provided by Jira.

What's Feywa?

See the 2 minute Feywa intro webcast at ;)

Feywa, the powerful, capacity management and planning tool, well integrated with Jira, providing a rich UI experience.

Your company will immediately benefit from..

  • better resource utilization and higher productivity
  • better view on allocations and utilization
  • transparent availability, capacity, know-how, resource costs
  • more effective and easier capacity planning
  • well-arranged statistics
  • project management support

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