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Confluence's default theme is great for wiki-like information structures (networks). For more hierarchically structured content (as found in intranets) using menu based navigation makes content much more accessible. This is where the Intranet Theme comes in.

The Intranet Theme shows the top level pages (Home's child pages) of the current space as navigation menu on each page. In a dropdown, all child pages (2nd level navigation) are shown to allow for a user friendly navigation.

Additionally, the theme provides a header/topbar and a sidebar that displays static content throughout all spaces. Content defined in normal wiki pages is included and displayed. The topbar is typically used for links to spaces your users often access. In our intranet, we link to most important spaces and other online tools from this area. The right bar can be used to show searches, a phone book or whatever useful plugins you have available in Confluence.

Additionally, small improvements have been made to the UI to optimize usability for intranet type usage:

  • Attachments are always displayed at the bottom of every page
  • Page children are always displayed in the right sidebar
  • Labels are always displayed in the right sidebar

All features can be configured in the plugins settings page.

The Intranet Theme Plugin allows for the Archiving Plugin. Pagebackground for archived content is dyed red to warn the user about obsolete content.

Installing the plugin

To install the plugin, follow these steps:
1. Install the plugin using the Plugin Repository in Confluence Admin panel


2. In Confluence Admin, browse to Themes and choose Intranet Theme. Next, click on Configure theme to define custom headers und right bar.

If you want to have a space dependant display, repeat above step in Space Admin.

3. Set the Colour Scheme in (Space) Settings to Intranet Theme Colour Scheme.


Only children of the space's "Home" page are displayed as drop down menu. If there are no children to this page, no menu is diplayed.


Additional Information

Please refer to the theme's wiki page for additional information

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