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Automatically add labels to pages

Add predefined labels or variables to content automatically for better indexing of content. Automatically add labels such as who the user is, the year the content was published or the parent page.

More control of your labels and content

Label Tools allows you to select which labels your users will be able to pick to add to a page. Add descriptions to your labels ensuring that the correct labels are selected.

Automated Contextual Labels

Create labels based off page or user variables, allowing for you to create labels that are relevant to your content. Label variables include the title of the parent page, the current year and the current page.

More details

IMPORTANT ❗This add-on is no longer supported as a stand-alone, but you can find it directly in the Macros section of ScriptRunner for Confluence. ❗

Label Tools makes content easier to find and create by automatically adding or suggesting labels for better indexing. Combined with ScriptRunner for Confluence's bulk rename, add and remove labels features, Label Tools offers you a complete label tool solution.

Label Tools allows you to:

  • Add predefined labels to content
  • Automatically display a set of pre-defined label suggestions for users to pick from based on the content of the page
  • Adds a description for each label providing better context for users
  • Create smart labels based off page or user variables
  • Create your own label variables with ScriptRunner.

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