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Generate Spaces with the Structure of a Mind Map

Use mind maps for meetings or brainstorming sessions and you are only a click away from creating a whole new structured space, where each node become a page. Select page blueprints directly in your nodes.

Create Space Blueprints through Mind Mapping

A new project on the roadmap? A new marketing campaign for your product? Save mind maps as Space Blueprints and you reuse them as many times as you want.

Import mm/mup FreeMind/Freeplane/MindMup Mind Maps

Do you work with FreeMind, Freeplane, MindMup or a mm/mup compatible mind mapping tool? You might have a dozen or more mind maps, why not make the most out of them and create spaces automatically?

More details

Please Note: This app will soon be archived. For more information please see our blog post.

Create a template to quickly organize your new spaces and pages.

  • Page blueprints: Select your page blueprints directly in your mind map nodes
  • Mind map macro: Embed your mind maps in your pages.
  • Brainstorming: Use it for brainstorming and meetings, finish and start to work directly in your new space
  • Space Blueprints: Save your Mind Maps as Space Blueprints.
  • Interoperability: Import and export your mind maps from FreeMind, Freeplane or MindMup
  • Privacy: A private mind map can only be edited or viewed by the creator. Start thinking by your own and share publicly when you want
  • HTML5 / CSS3 / JS: We are proud to say that we use MindMup as Yoikee Creator front-end
  • I18n: Translated to English, Spanish, German, French and Japanese

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