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Federated AWS access for Atlassian users

Add long-term AWS security credentials (IAM users) once, configure AWS access for Atlassian groups with temporary credentials and fine grained permissions via IAM Policies thereafter (Identity Broker).

Single Sign-On (SSO) to the AWS Management Console

Access AWS resources directly via menu links and/or a configurable 'AWS Management Console Login' gadget.

REST API for temporary AWS Security Credentials

Expose AWS Connectors to requesting users with sufficient permissions and allow retrieval of temporary AWS security credentials based on such connectors (Token Vendor).

More details

+++ NOTE: This add-on is deprecated and superseded by Identity Federation for AWS (Jira) and Identity Federation for AWS (Bamboo) for technical reasons (existing customers are eligible for free cross upgrades). +++

Integrate AWS into your Jira and DevOps workflows (Identity Broker/Token Vendor):

  • Secure your AWS credentials – store long-term AWS security credentials with industry standard encryption without exposing them to your users (or add-ons).
  • Empower your Atlassian users – provide Single Sign-On (SSO) to the AWS Management Console.
  • Integrate tailored AWS resources – use the REST API to provision AWS resources based on the Atlassian user name (e.g. a dedicated Amazon S3 bucket or EC2 instance per developer).
  • Forget about distributing or revoking AWS credentials – grant fine grained permissions for AWS resources to Atlassian users based on one or few sets of long-term AWS security credentials only.

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