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Easier Installs

Behind the firewall installations of the Atlassian Suite can often prove to be difficult for newcomers. ASM for Atlassian uses best practice configurations wherever possible and provides guidance for all others.

Easy Upgrades

Rapid releases of updates from Atlassian made managing behind the firewall installs somewhat time consuming. ASM for Atlassian automates the majority of the process to get you Atlassian's awesome new features FAST!

Empower staff to take over administration

Much of the work that has gone into ASM for Atlassian has been to help empower junior staff members to manage, maintain and upgrade the Atlassian Suite without needing to know what goes on behind the scenes.

More details

ASM was originally developed by me to assist in maintaining my personal installations of the Atlassian Suite as well as making my life easier at work.

However, as I am no longer maintaining installs at work, and I am decreasing the amount of technical development I am doing, I no longer have the time to dedicate to the ongoing maintenance of this script.

Therefore as of December 31st, 2015 I am formally pulling support and maintenance for ASM. I will happily maintain the old supporting files on my server, & if anyone wishes to contribute development time, I will more than happily assist.

Unfortunately, as the Atlassian codebase and the means with which they performed installs changed so regularly, it became increasingly difficult to keep up as I was finding every few months that one of the installs would break as a configuration had moved/changed.

I hope this script has served everyone well & am definitely open to handing over the reigns to someone else should they wish to take it up.

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