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Edit your files directly within Stash

With the Stash Realtime Editor, you can edit a file from the Stash web interface. You don't have to clone the repo just for a quick documentation update.

Multiple people can edit the same file at once

Using Firebase's operational transform based collaboration service, Stash Realtime Editor allows you to share a link and edit your files as a group, simultaneously.

Easy edit access from the Stash source view

You can access the Stash Realtime Editor from Stash's source view page through the "Edit" button.

More details

Have you ever wanted to quickly edit a file in a repository without having to clone it? Or pair with another developer across the world in real-time?

Meet the Stash Realtime Editor, edit files in realtime directly from the Stash interface - no cloning, no local editor.


  • Stash 3.0.0 or later
  • an internet connection (the Stash server and any collaborating clients must be able to communicate with to use the collaboration features of this plugin)

A note on security

The Stash Realtime Editor uses a secured Firebase instance to store temporary deltas while your code is being edited. Only users with the Share URL generated for each editing session are able to access those deltas.

This Firebase integration can be enabled on a per-repository basis. But if your company restricts whether code fragments can temporarily exist in the cloud, and you do not trust repository administrators to disable collaboration, the Realtime Editor may not be for you.

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