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    Plugin purpose:

    "CF View and Edit rights manager" plugin provides an easy configuration of Custom Fields access rights.

    Access types:

    • No access
    • View access
    • Edit access

    Access configuration:

    • By groups
    • By roles
    • "All edit" and "All view" options (helpful in cases when you need to populate configuration to all users)

    Plugin architecture:

    It is based on "master-detail" pattern. This plugin is a master plugin. It stores configuration and provides public component ru.mail.jira.plugins.settings.IMailRuCFRights to other plugins. The only thing you need to implement in your plugin is to get through OSGi an implementation of IMailRuCFRights and canView or canEdit method call.

    There is one important things in plugin configuration. There are "Impacted Custom Fields". Impacted means saving configuration, so when you remove custom field from impacted CFs its configuration will be stored.

    Already Supported plugins:

    Cascade CF with autocomplete

    Advanced Autocomplete Selects

    Mail.Ru Assignee CF

    Mail.Ru Priorities CF

    Plugin usage examples and future plans:

    Every day our team improves plugins, and "CF View and Edit rights manager" plugin support will be injected in all our plugins that contains Custom Fields. At the present moment you can view ready to use detail-plugins(supported on github):

    Mail.Ru User Pickers

    Mail.Ru Edit for Groups CFs

    Version history