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    Bulk Edit  

    Individual Label Manipulation

    This feature adds an option to  insert, overwrite or  delete a set of labels from all the issues being changed in a  Bulk Edit. This enhancement works for both the system Labels field and all labels custom fields. Without this enhancement the default Jira Bulk Edit will  overwrite all the labels in the bulk change set. This solves  JRA-21882.

    Bulk Workflow Transition  

    Transition Multiple Disparate Workflows At Once

    This feature allows you to transition  all issues in a Bulk Change set. That is, in one pass of using  Bulk Workflow Transition, you can  transition issues through different kinds workflows at the same time. Without this plugin enhancement, the default Jira Bulk Workflow Transition only allows you to bulk transition issues that use the same workflow. Without this plugin enhancement, if you have more than one kind of workflow in your bulk change set, then you have re-run Bulk Workflow Transition for each different kind of workflow. This solves  JRA-20478.

    Moving Issues With Sub-Tasks

    This feature solves a bug in Jira,  JRA-17312, by forcing Jira to use Bulk Move instead of Single Issue Move when moving an issue that contains sub-issues.

    Single Issue Move  

    Re-assign Issue By Running Workflow

    This feature adds a check box to the single issue move wizard that when checked will have Jira re-run the associated workflow once the issue is moved so that the issue will pick up any values or reassignments controlled by workflow. The check box appears only if the issue movement will cause the issue enter a different state and that state is the initial state of the destination workflow.

    Single Issue Move  

    Show The Issue Summary

    The plugin enhances the single issue move wizard by also including the issue's summary near the top of the page so that you can remember what it is that you're moving!

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