Scrum Standup for Jira

for Jira Server 9.0.0 - 9.13.1 and more
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Agile Scrum Standup right in your Jira - extremely useful for remote teams or if you need persistent standup reports

Create Standup report with just two clicks

Simply click "Scrum Standup" top link from any page and select project.

You can also create Standup report directly from the issue page.

​Write your Standup report and link with issues

1. Fill in at least one of "Done", "Todo", "Impediments" fields.

2. Next select related issues from the list of recently updated ones (alternatively type issue key or search if it is not on the list).

3. Press "Save".

Read team's Standup reports for a project

Read and comment your team Standup reports directly on the project page.

You can go day back and forth or pick up a specific date to read past Standup reports.

More details

Scrum Standup plugin for Jira is what you need to share your daily reports with remote team members (Manager, Product Owner, Scrum Master and Team Mates).

You can simply write down your daily Standup report and link it with issues. Written Standup is visible on:

  • Project screen - entire team Standup for the project.
  • Issue screen - Standup reports linked with the issue.
  • User profile - user's Standup reports.

Scrum Standup for Jira makes your reports persistent. It is an excellent solution for managers, developers and supporters who want to have all reports available from one place.

Email notifications may keep you up to date with your team progress.

You can also discuss work done, todos and impediments in comments.

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Create Standup report and link with an issue with just one click from the issue actions dropdown.