Groovy Tasks for Bamboo

for Bamboo Server 7.0.1 - 8.1.1 and more
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Groovy, Gradle, Gradle Wrapper, and Variable Replace tasks for Bamboo

Tasks for your Groovy based builds and automation

Easily handle Gradle based builds or add Groovy based automation tasks to your plan. Run Groovy, Gradle, or GINT based test automation with automatic JUnit report parsing.

File or inline scripts

Use the file option to run build scripts or other automation from your repository source.

Use inline scripts for quick automation, test set up, test clean up, build result manipulation, or distribution logic.

Apply Bamboo variable replacements to files

Extends use of Bamboo variables to allow scripts or other files to be parameterized by Bamboo variables enabling reuse.

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  • Groovy, Gradle, Gradle Wrapper, and variable replace tasks
  • File or inline scripts
  • Variable Replace task to replace Bamboo variables in script and other files
  • Option for JUnit report parsing
  • Auto discovery of Groovy and Gradle
    • Based on GROOVY_HOME, GRADLE_HOME settings, path, or posix location

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