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for Confluence Server 6.0.1 - 7.19.0 and more
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Turn your Confluence pages into DocBook XML files for storing in a VCS or further processing with flexible, user-friendly exports

Export schemes for user friendly exports

Export Schemes are similar to the Blueprints functionality in Confluence. Define multiple Export Schemes, by space or globally.

DocBook metadata

Scroll DocBook Exporter allows you to add metadata to your exports. You can define the author and editor to be saved in the exported DocBook files.

Advanced export settings

Have full control over content export settings. Define which pages should be exported and how their content should be processed.

More details

Publish documentation using DocBook. Turn your Confluence pages into DocBook XML files for storing in a version control system or for further processing.

DocBook is a semantic markup language used for technical writing. A rich set of tools have been built around it, most notably XSL stylesheets used to produce many different output formats. In fact, most publishers use DocBook for technical books. This format can also be used for data exchange – exchanging content with a translation memory system, for example.

Collaborate and author all your content in Confluence, and generate structured DocBook files to store, exchange, translate, and print documentation.

Key benefits:

  • Export single pages or entire hierarchies
  • Define multiple space-specific or global templates

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