Agile Poker for Jira - Planning & Estimation

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More than a planning poker. Flexible toolkit that gives teams a choice of estimation methods for refinement and planning

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Interactive estimation based on Planning Poker®

Participants cast their estimates in Story Points, defining how much work is involved in the story. All votes are private until each participant has voted. Estimates are then revealed, and discussion can begin again.

Relative method inspired by Magic Estimation

This method sorts issues into buckets based only on their relative size. During collaborative unbiased voting, the team sets rough estimates, discusses, and selects the most accurate estimate for each backlog item.

Asynchronous estimation based on Wideband Delphi

This mode is perfect for all distributed teams that want to estimate at various times and prefer estimations based on consultation. Alternatively, Async Poker could be an introduction to the interactive phase.

More details

Agile Poker is a flexible planning toolkit that provides four collaborative estimation methods that support refinement, sprint planning, PI planning, and prioritization based on the team's needs, experience, or backlog size.

Advanced features for all available estimation methods facilitate discussion and help maintain a balance between the speed of the estimation process and expected accuracy:

  • Board context for easy session setup and management.
  • Optional facilitation by a Scrum Master or Product Owner.
  • Multi-field estimation with the optional final score.
  • Fibonacci sequence, T-shirt sizes, or custom values.
  • Historical and reference issues for more accurate estimates
  • Prioritization poker for prioritization activities.
  • Session analytics, sprint velocity, capacity calculator.
  • For remote and co-located teams.

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Interactive session. Select votes from pre-defined scale. Customize the list in Agile Poker settings.