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More than just a planning poker. App that offers several methods for accurate and convenient backlog estimations by Scrum Teams

Interactive mode based on Planning Poker®

Recommended for Scrum teams estimating Story Points together at the same time. No matter if the team is co-located or works remotely. It facilitates discussion and consensus for better estimation accuracy.

NEW Relative Mode inspired by Magic Estimation.

This mode is about sorting issues into buckets based only on their relative size. Teams set rough estimates, discuss, and select the most accurate estimate for each backlog item in collaborative, unbiased voting.

Asynchronous mode based on Wideband Delphi

Recommended for distributed teams, but works great for all teams that want to estimate in various times and prefer estimations based on consultation to agree on meaningful commitment.

More details

Agile Poker is a flexible toolkit to estimate your backlog and prepare it for refinement and planning. Inspired by the most popular estimation methods, it derives the best scrum estimation practices from each of them.

The app helps team managers get trusted estimates for accurate planning by engaging all team members in the process. It facilitates discussions and helps maintain a balance between the speed of the estimation process and the accuracy required.

Agile Poker helps you overcome challenges that prevent your team from delivering quality estimates. It allows you to facilitate discussion and engagement:

  • For remote and co-located teams.
  • Self-paced or interactive estimation sessions.
  • Optional moderation by a Scrum Master or a Product Owner.
  • Fibonacci sequence, T-shirt sizes or custom values.
  • Historical and reference issues.

Check Agile Poker now and help your team with reliable estimations.

Planning Poker vs Relative Methods: Which Agile Estimation Technique is Best for Your Team?

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