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by Dan Tombs on Dec 2nd 2022

We have used Tempo here at intelliflo for at least the last 5 years and I have used it personally at other previous places. It has helped us track time and spending over multiple contractors or third party suppliers with ease as we can truly understand where time was spent against tickets. It is incredibly easy to work with and the recent migration to the cloud was pretty swift. There are some things I'd like to have Tempo fix in cloud around team management but I can see the items already tracked in their portal. We have had Tanimul as our CSM for the last four months or so. He has been incredibly helpful with providing us end user documentation, answering any questions we may have around certain features or finding out how we can get around some items with the use of API scripts. Certainly made the Tempo life even better.

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Tempo for Jira

Hi Dan,

Thank you for reaching out. Tracking time spent throughout the company is essential to understand where time is spent against tickets. It is also an essential tool to enable you to get a company wide view of how time is spent overall.
It is great to hear that you are finding real value from having a Customer Success Manager.
Have a great weekend.

Drifa Ulfarsdottir
Customer Success Manager

by Bertrand DROUHARD on Nov 4th 2022

So far away from the Agile point of vue, so I would not recommand using Tempo. But it does what it is supposed to do.

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Tempo for Jira

Hello Bertrand,

You may be right. Tempo Timesheets are designed for tracking time, not as an Agile-specific tool. They are very effective and easy to use when tracking time.

I did notice that one of our CSM´s reached out to you to assist you with any problems that you have. I would encourage you to contact her as she may be able to assist you with any ongoing issues that you have.


Carolyn French

Director Customer Success

by Astrid Delgadillo on Oct 28th 2022

i don't use it

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by Patrick Blaser on Oct 28th 2022

We're using the Tempo Timesheets for some years now and are very happy with it. The support is great too - quick response and issues resolved in no time!

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Tempo for Jira

Hi Patrick,

We are very pleased to read your positive feedback. We always try our best to make sure that our customers are satisfied and get the best value out of their Tempo products.Have a wonderful day,

Aliosha Romero

Team Lead, Customer Support

by Jeroen Habils on Oct 13th 2022

Very happy with Tempo Timesheets. We combine it with Tempo Planner & Tempo Cost Tracker. This gives us the ability to plan our resources (both product teams and consultancy teams), fup on actuals and remaining estimates, prognose underrun/overrun and fup on budget-cost-revenue.

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Tempo for Jira

Hi Jeroen,

Thanks for your review. Since you are enjoying Tempo Timesheets, Planner and Cost Tracker then I am sure you will be thrilled with all the new features coming out in the next year.

You can keep up to date with with all new feature releases here.

Have a great day and thanks for the review.

Drifa Ulfarsdottir

Customer Success Manager