Worklog Assistant (time tracking)

for Jira Cloud, Jira Server 5.0 - 7.1.10, Jira Server 5.0 - 8.19.1 and more
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Hassle-free time tracking for Jira - Because timesheets suck

Cross-platform, fast, always-on-top timer window

Keep the timer always on top and use the global keyboard shortcuts to quickly toggle the timer on and off, switch your task or edit your worklog notes without ever losing track of what you're working on.

Idle-time detection

Worklog Assistant knows when you've been away from your desk so you don't miss a beat.

Automatically generated timesheet

Yes that's right, you never have to remember how long you spent doing something ever again.

More details

Leave your time tracking to Worklog Assistant and you too will get results like these customers:

  • "Worklog Assistant made time tracking easy"
  • "Works out of the box"
  • "We use it to help our executives accurately monitor how much time we actually spend on various issues"
  • "It's really great for me, since I am a creative in a tech company and the simplified GUI makes my life plenty easier!"
  • "I love your tool. It makes a task I absolutely loathe easy and more importantly, accurate."
  • "You have done a great service to project managers and peons alike."

We couldn't make up those reviews if we tried.

If you dread the words "time tracking" or "time sheets" like we used to then fear no more. Your friends, family and co-workers will thank you.

OK maybe the last bit is exaggerated. Just a little.

Download the free trial now.

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