Tag Cloud for Confluence

for Confluence Server 7.19.0 - 8.7.2, Confluence Data Center 7.19.0 - 8.9.1 and more
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Visualize labels and explore your tagged content

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Explore content by tags

Users can visualize the labels in a Space or across the Confluence instance. Different filtering options are in place.

Appealing visualization

Need an eye-catcher for your dashboard or home page? Try out the animated 3D ball, or different shapes filled with your labels!

Extensive filtering options

Customize the tag cloud to focus on your context. E.g. only show tags of content that was recently updated, or edited by a specific user, in one or more spaces.

More details

🏷 Tag Cloud is a fully-fledged replacement for the built-in Confluence tag cloud ("Popular Labels") implementation.

✔️ Several useful additions compared to the default functionality.

  • Only tags of content the user has access to are displayed.
  • Choose between multiple sorting algorithms for different scenarios and information needs.

🎨 Display your tag cloud in creative ways.

  • Adjust font sizes using several scaling algorithms, always allowing for well-proportioned clouds.
  • Automatically truncate long tags to improve readability and layout.
  • Exclude specified tags from the cloud using prefixes and postfixes.
  • Animated 3D presentation in Flash or HTML5.
  • Configure the look & feel using CSS styles.

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