Pre-Post Build Command Runner

for Bamboo Server 8.0.0 - 8.2.9 and more

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This plugin can run an arbitrary command before a build runs or when a build passes or fails

Execute command before or after Bamboo build

Arbitrary command could be executed before build as pre-command or after the build as post-command.

Execute command on Bamboo server or agent machine

Either pre and post command could be executed either on Bamboo server machine or on Bamboo agent machine.

Command may be executed in separate thread.

Failed command execution could fail the build.

Result of executed command is checked, so it may or not fail the build.

Additional command may be executed on build failure.

More details

The pre and post command are specified on the Miscellaneous Job Configuration page.

Sysout and Syserr from the command are logged to the bamboo.log file.

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