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for Confluence Server 7.19.15 - 8.5.9, Confluence Data Center 7.19.15 - 8.9.1 and more
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Attach metadata to any page in Confluence and use it to generate reports and statistics

Use metadata to generate reports for pages

Include custom information and report on it across your Confluence instance

Customise Reports

Add custom metadata information to pages and spaces and build reports

Generate reports for Spaces, Users, Attachments

Metadata reports aren't limited to just Confluence pages, you can get reports on nearly any kind of content

More details

Comala Metadata makes it easy to reference snippets of page data on different pages. The Metadata Plugin can generate summary tables automatically to contain as many columns of metadata per page as you need. In fact, you can show the same list on multiple pages with more or less detail according to your needs.

Use metadate to create a number of helpful reports, like:

  • The metadata-table macro produces tabular reports of metadata from matching pages in a two dimensional matrix format.
  • The metadata-report macro shows metadata from matching pages in a tabular report.

    This macro can be used to select:

    • a selection of multiple metadata values from a single page.
    • a selection of multiple metadata values from a group of pages in the same space or other named space.

    It can also be configured to calculate a sum of all the retrieved values for an individual metadata value name.

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