Show Saved Filter with Columns for Jira

by jPlugs
for Jira Server 8.4.0 - 9.12.10, Jira Data Center 8.4.0 - 9.15.2 and more
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Show Saved Filter With Columns extends the regular Filter Results gadget and makes it easier to display required fields

The gadget

Look and feel like the Filter Results gadget. All four gadgets looks the same on the dashboard. Sort able columns and pagination.

Select filter or specify a JQL search string and columns order at the configuration screen

Gadget configuration

Three gadgets with different configuration options.

Use e.g. a JQL search string instead of a filter.

Use the same column order as the saved filter.

Or use Presets - a set of predefined column orders.

Jira Data Center

Yes, this app can be installed in Jira DC.

You can already use the app with Jira DC. No Data Center specific changes are necessary.

We intend to release the first version marked as DC compatible in December 2020.

More details

Four gadgets:

  • Show Saved Filter with Columns. Displays a saved filter with the filter column order. No need to configure column order twice. Do it at the Issue navigator, and it will be the same here.
  • Show JQL Search select Columns. Use a JQL search string to generate the filter result with the selected column order. A JQL search is effective if you want to avoid making saved filters.
  • Show Saved Filter select Columns. Displays a saved filter with the selected column order. Add or remove fields and modify the order at the gadget configuration screen.
  • Show Saved Filter select Preset. Allows you to select from a list of predefined column order sets defined by a Jira Administrator.

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