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Add wireframes and simple prototypes to your Jira issue and design delightful interfaces

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Unleash your creativity, iterate early and often!

Balsamiq Wireframes is a rapid wireframing tool that reproduces the experience of sketching on a whiteboard, but on a computer. Generate more ideas, write specs faster, make better software, co-design in real-time!

Focus on what's important, get honest feedback.

Sketch-style wireframes help focus the conversation on content and interaction, not minute details.

Need to present your work? Switch to the clean wireframe skin, and impress your audience!

Design and Collaborate on your UIs within Jira

Click on "Add Balsamiq Wireframes" and design your screens.

The Balsamiq Wireframes project is saved as an attachment to your Jira issue and is easy to use via our interactive issue panel.

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Be Agile

Jira has already sped up your development considerably. Balsamiq Wireframes allows anyone, technical or not, to jot down feature ideas quickly and easily. Add a UI wireframe to a new feature issue and improve the chances it will get built!

Improve QA/Dev Relations

Issues bounce back and forth because plain text is not enough to convey what's wrong. A screenshot helps, but sometimes what you really need is a new UI variation.

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See the Balsamiq and Atlassian Marketplace FAQ.

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