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for Jira Server 9.0.0 - 9.4.0, Jira Data Center 9.0.0 - 9.4.0 and more
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Be the user you seek

Take on the identity of users

It's quick and easy to see a user problem from their perspective when you ARE that user. SU allows administrators to take on user identity for such purposes, and validate changes have FIXED the problem in one cycle!

Perform SU anywhere in Jira

The functionality can be accessed in multiple ways including global keyboard shortcut, user management view and even in-line user hover menus (see above).

Exiting afterwards is easy

After performing whatever actions you need to, a menu link will instantly take you back to your own account - saving you time. You can also exit from the customer portal view via the profile menu.

More details

  • take on the identity of users for setup and problem reproduction
  • fix problems on first contact with users by verification as the user!

NOTE: Marketplace Purchases will only work with v1.5+ (requires Jira 6.2+)

Privacy and security

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Shows the SU audit log entry available in the Jira System > Security section. The Auditing tracks who SU'd to who, when. History retention is configurable, purge of entries older than 10days occurs every SU.