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Maven Artifact Sharing for Bamboo

Maven artifact sharing works by producing new remote repositories when you run a plan. These are temporary equivalents of the deployment repositories configured within the project's pom.xml files. For example, if the project deploys its repository to the 'mycorp-private' repository at http://repository.example.com/ then Bamboo will create a 'mycorp-private' repository for each Plan result hosted on the Bamboo server.

When a job produces a Maven artifact, it is deployed to this repository. A subsequent job that consumes an artifact created by this process will resolve it from the repository within Bamboo. This process of deploying and resolving artifacts can then be repeated, as necessary across subsequent jobs in later stages. Once a build has completed, the temporary repositories are removed to conserve disk space, unless specified otherwise.

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Version 5.0 Bamboo Server 5.0 - 5.13.2 Released 2013-08-08


Compatibility with Bamboo 5.0


  1. Download Maven Artifact Sharing for Bamboo. The app is downloaded as a JAR file.
  2. Shutdown your Bamboo instance.
  3. Copy Maven Artifact Sharing for Bamboo file into your Bamboo installation directory under /WEB-INF/lib/.Apps using the Plugins 1 framework can't be installed in Universal Plugin Manager. See our documentation for more information.
  4. Start your Bamboo instance.
  5. You're all set!

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