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    for Jira Server 7.2.0 - 7.10.1 and more versions
    Versions available for Jira Server 4.0 - 7.1.10
    Jira Service Desk
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    Jira Service Desk
    This app is compatible with Jira Service Desk.

    Visualize, track and manage progress across large-scale projects with adaptable, user-defined issue hierarchies

    Visualize, track and manage progress across large-scale projects with adaptable, user-defined issue hierarchies

    Organize Issues with Multi-level, Hierarchies

    Visualize Work Across Teams & Projects

    Automate & Collaborate to Improve Velocity

    From personal backlogs to company-wide, big-picture, portfolio overviews. Arrange issues of any type from any number of projects in hierarchies of any depth.

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    Multiple Agile projects, linked issues and any relationships between issues are easy to visualize in Structure. View aggregated progress, time and other values at all levels.

    Use grouping, sorting, filtering and other rules to build dynamic structures that update in real time as you, your colleagues and other teams work on issues.

    More details

    Structure helps Atlassian's largest customers visualize, track and manage progress across Jira projects and teams. It does this with adaptable, user-defined, issue hierarchies presented in a familiar spreadsheet-like view of Jira issues. In addition, structures may contain folders and other helpful organizational elements not found in Jira.

    "Due to the nature of our business we may have over fifty thousand issues across 5-10 projects running in parallel with shared resources. For us, Structure is essential for organizing these issues in a way that allows us to manage them effectively and get the job done."

    - Stephan Spenling, Managing Partner, Archimedes Exhibitions GmbH

    Today, Structure is used by more than 4,000 Jira Server and Data Center customers worldwide. Jira Cloud users may be interested in the Structure Cloud Early Access Program.

    Download a free trial version today, or try it out on our Sandbox Server.

    Reviews for cloud

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    by Ming Cheng on 2017-08-28
    Great tool. We are testing this for a month and would like to use it as our PPM tool. One concern about the progress, based on our testing ,all the columns are still configurable even we only assign view permission to people. Then in that way everyone will see different columns and different progress. Is there any way to lock down the columns and configurations?
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    ALM Works

    Hi Ming Cheng, thanks for your review!

    Regarding the columns configuration, users can *adjust* what they are seeing, but they will not be able to overwrite the view shared with other people. You can tell that a view is adjusted by spotting a "*" symbol near the view name. You can also revert to the saved view. By design, there's no way to restrict users from adding more columns or changing column configuration.

    Also, you can use Perspectives to get a URL that always opens in a predefined configuration.

    Feel free to reach us at support@almworks.com and discuss the available options to solve this challenge.

    Kind regards,Igor

    by javad darabi on 2017-07-31
    Hi thanks a lot because of this amazing add-on , it really helped me a lot , specially the formula column . but here is a little problem , I create my structure and add "Start Date" and "End Date" column, start and end dates shown for Epics , Story and Tasks , but I cant see start and End date for Version and Project, But I really need it , please help me best regards
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    ALM Works

    Hi Javad,

    Thanks for the kind words! Glad to know Formula column worked for you.

    We'll be happy to assist you with any challenges you experience. The Start Date / Finish Date seems to be custom fields, which JIRA does not provide for Projects and Versions. Please write us to support@almworks.com and we'll be happy to discuss ways to approach this.

    Kind regards,Igor

    by Ryan Martin on 2017-07-12
    Add-on stopped working and support has been ineffective at obtaining a resolution.
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    ALM Works

    Hello Ryan,

    I am sorry that you had an unsatisfactory experience with our add-on and support. I can see from the support ticket that many people from our team were involved in solving this case. Unfortunately, it wasn't an easy one. But it also seemed that the problem was not necessarily located in Structure, and we were trying to get Atlassian involved in solving it.

    JIRA server with multiple add-ons is a system with many moving parts. While we do our best to solve a problem regardless of the configuration, it sometimes involves other parties.

    If you're willing to work with us a little more to try to restore Structure's functionality, we'll make another go at it, potentially with Atlassian support.

    Kind regards,


    by Philipp Staat on 2017-07-11
    Very versatile, great usability and user documentation - one of the best solutions in the market for a lot of project management use cases. Looking forward a lot for Structure.Gantt!
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    ALM Works

    Hi Philipp, thank you for the kind words! Working on Structure.Gantt full speed.


    by Alain Boss on 2017-07-04
    Structure is an indispensable add-on for my daily work. I use it for release and sprint planning, for planning the team capacities, work log reports,...., or just to get a quick overview over a new project. Structure gets the job done. I can't think of working with JIRA ever again without Structure. Great tool + great support = great experience Thank you, Alain
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    ALM Works

    Hi Alain, thank you very much! Trying our best.

    Kind regards,Igor

    Reviews for server

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    by David Yu on 2018-06-06
    This is an amazing piece of software. The responsiveness, speed, and interface is actually better than Jira's native interface. Compare loading thousands of issues in a single page vs 1000 on the standard issue navigator and you can see a huge difference. It is an excellent replacement for the Jira issue navigator as it lets you quickly perform in-line editing which has been an outstanding feature request for the longest time. But I'm really short-changing it if all you're going to do is using it for issue navigating. I've been testing it for generating roll-up reports with custom formulas, Gantt charting. This is like Excel + Jira. The fidelity of the Excel exports are also fantastic. There always seems to be something I discover each day that is a little more amazing.
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    ALM Works

    David, that is so great to hear that Structure works for you so well. Thank you very much for your review! We'll do our best to continue expanding Structure's toolset. Feel free to reach out to support@almworks.com or to me personally if you have any feature suggestions.

    Kind regards, Igor Sereda

    by Jose Ramirez on 2018-05-02
    This plugin is problematic when the license expires, enabling and disabling. It causes the Jira logs to fill up with endless errors.
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    ALM Works

    Hi Jose, Structure just becomes read-only if its license becomes invalid. The users still have access to their data, but they cannot change structures. All Jira functionality remains untouched and fully working. It shouldn't present any problems, and we never had any reports about such cases.

    I understand that your experience was different. I'm sorry about that. Did you create a support ticket? I can't find tickets in our support system based on your name. Our support team is always ready to help and if there is indeed a problem in the app, we'll have it addressed quickly or offer a workaround.

    By the way, you can get additional evaluation licenses if you haven't enough time to try the product. Let me know at sereda@almworks.com if you need help with that.


    by pompi diplan on 2018-01-26
    This add-on is the most useful add-on for Jira, for us!
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    ALM Works

    Pompi, thanks a lot! Happy that you find it so useful. That means a lot to the team!

    -- Igor

    by Tom Jackson on 2017-12-06
    This is a truly awesome plugin. It's crazy how many features are packed in for the price. The only thing better than the plugin is the support provided by the ALM crew. The world would be a better place if more admins bought this thing so ALM can hire more devs and new Structure features could be produced even faster. Don't get me wrong Igor - you guys are already damn fast. Check out their pipeline here: http://structure.uservoice.com/forums/43181-structure-plugin-for-jira-ideas/filters/top
    10 out of 11 found this review helpful
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    ALM Works

    Thanks, Tom! :)

    by Martin Poirier on 2017-10-23
    Using it at Ubisoft since more then 6 years. Its now a essential addon in our company and a must have to plan track and manage many level of issues.
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
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    ALM Works

    Martin, thank you very much! Happy to have Ubisoft among our long-term customers!

    Cheers, -- Igor


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    Version 4.6.5 Jira Server 7.2.0 - 7.10.1 Released 2018-06-13


    Jira 7.10 compatibility and performance improvements


    Structure 4.6.5 provides:

    • Compatibility with Jira 7.10 (please see the link below for known issues)
    • Improved loading times for structures with automation based on Portfolio and Jira links

    See Structure 4.6.5 Release Notes for details.


    1. Log into your Jira instance as an admin.
    2. Click the admin dropdown and choose Atlassian Marketplace. The Manage add-ons screen loads.
    3. Click Find new add-ons from the left-hand side of the page.
    4. Locate Structure for Jira - Projects at Scale via search. The appropriate app version appears in the search results.
    5. Click Try free to begin a new trial or Buy now to purchase a license for Structure for Jira - Projects at Scale. You're prompted to log into MyAtlassian. Structure for Jira - Projects at Scale begins to download.
    6. Enter your information and click Generate license when redirected to MyAtlassian.
    7. Click Apply license. If you're using an older version of UPM, you can copy and paste the license into your Jira instance.

    To find older Structure for Jira - Projects at Scale versions compatible with your instance, you can look through our version history page.

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