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Traffic-Lights and other shapes

You can configure new traffic-light custom fields by setting options to any combination of lights in any color you need or use a shape (square, circle, diamond, stars, trend arrows, harvey balls) as well as a label.

Easy to use

Configure as many traffic-light custom fields as you need for criticality, impact, project status etc. or visualize risks via harvey balls.

Also, you can use such custom fields on Jira Service Manager Portal Requests.

Dynamic rules for automation

Specify dynamic rules, which are highly flexible to treat complex circumstances. Using them within a Jira listener or workflow function, you can set custom fields to any traffic-light option value you want automatically.

More details

Create new custom field(s) as traffic-light to represent various business needs. By default, all necessary options are automatically created: pink (escalation), red, amber (trending to red), yellow, chartreuse (trending to yellow) and green. You can add additional traffic-light options with any combination of lights in any colors and also enter a label to be displayed on the right.

You can define complex statements taking all issue methods into account, from current issue status until issue's parent object or status of children to determine, what traffic-light status to set: just program your rule in javascript syntax (please read "Documentation" on the right)!

Using Jira ServiceDesk, you can integrate any traffic-light custom field on Portal Requests as well.

Paying for this app, you will get one of the best supports available in the Marketplace as you can read within all the user reviews!

Use Integration of Jira Fields in Confluence to display Traffic-Lights in Confluence!

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