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for Confluence Cloud, Confluence Server 6.13.0 - 7.14.0, Confluence Data Center 6.13.0 - 7.14.0 and more
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Work with tabs on Confluence pages. Display content from other pages as tabs or create tabs to structure your content

Childtabs & Labeltabs to create quick navigation

Display child pages or pages with a specific label as tabs on an overview page.

Tabs Editor to create tabs quickly

Use the app’s built-in Tabs editor to create all your tabs in one single interface. Format and enrich your content with the usual Confluence editor functions (text, images, status, panels, etc.)

Add, label and edit tabs in the Tabs editor

Add as many tabs as you need. Give your tabs short and descriptive names. If you want to display the tabs vertically, you can change the tabs' orientation.

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The app Navitabs allows users to:

  • Display content from other pages on one central page or
  • Structure long content into tabs to prevent too much scrolling

It does this by providing a selection of powerful macros:

Childtabs: Define the parent page. The macro will automatically generate tabs displaying the children's content.

Labeltabs: Define a specific label. The macro will automatically generate tabs with all the pages carrying that label and display their content in them.

Tabs - Create tabs more quickly: This macro interface allows you to create, label, and fill tabs with standard content (text, images, status, panels, etc.) with a few clicks.

Tab Group & Tab: Create the tab navigation as you did on Confluence Server & Data Center: Insert the Tab Group macro, then add as many Tab macros as you need to structure your content. Finally, fill each Tab with the desired content and label the Tabs individually.

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