CCC EZGooey Message Handler

for Jira Server 7.0.0 - 7.8.4 and more
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  • Jira Service Management

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A very customizable email handler for Jira with a user friendly configuration interface

User Friendly Configuration Form

Our configuration form is compact and easy to understand. There are named sections for similar option groups. Helpful explanations are also provided for each field.

Set Issue fields through Email

You can configure the handler to set issue fields when you create or comment on an issue via email. System and custom fields are both supported!

Automatically set values on new Issues

You can configure default values of issues created via email.

More details

Main Features

  • Simplified user interface for specifying handler parameters
  • Create an issue from an email.
  • Comment on an issue via email by including the issue key in the subject line.
  • Create users from the senders' email address.
  • Save non-Jira-user email addresses.
  • Add Jira-users found in email as watchers to issues.
  • Set Jira System Fields (summary, description, assignee, etc.)
  • Set Jira Custom Fields (single and multi-value fields)
  • Save email attachments to issues.
  • Save the email as an attachment to issues.

See our plugin page for more details.

Since this version is a complete rewrite, you may encounter some bugs. Please report bugs at:

Privacy and security

Privacy policy

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The configuration form with the Actions tab selected.