This app comes preinstalled in Jira Server, Confluence Server & other products.
    by Atlassianfor multiple products
    Jira Server 6.3 - 7.9.2
    Confluence Server 5.10.0 - 6.9.0
    Bamboo Server 5.10.0 - 6.5.0
    Bitbucket Server 3.3.0 - 5.10.1
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    Data Center
    This app is compatible with the clustering and high-availability capabilities of our products.
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    Browse the Atlassian Marketplace and manage add-ons inside your Atlassian product

    Browse the Atlassian Marketplace and manage add-ons inside your Atlassian product

    Find apps that make your work easier

    Try and buy apps without leaving your product

    Manage apps

    Browse the Marketplace from your Atlassian product. View app screenshots, descriptions, and ratings. Listings are curated so that you only see versions compatible with your host product.

    Start a trial or purchase an app in seconds. Apps automatically download and install in your product.

    UPM makes managing your apps easy. You can enable, disable, and uninstall apps from the UPM. You can also consult audit logs for troubleshooting.

    More details

    The Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) provides a powerful and user-friendly interface to manage your apps. Through the UPM you can browse, try, and buy apps from the Atlassian Marketplace. You can also use the UPM to do common administrative tasks such as:

    • Finding, purchasing, and installing new apps.
    • Enabling/disabling apps and their modules.
    • Configuring advanced app options.
    • Finding out-of-date apps and updating them.
    • Checking the compatibility of your installed apps against newer versions of the host product.

    Finally, use the UPM to review logs of app activity and to upgrade your Atlassian host product.

    Reviews for cloud

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    by Jonas Andersson on 2017-08-24
    I tend to have instances hanging when installing and uninstalling plugins, and UPM is the one most prone to not properly unload and reload once updated. Since this in effect locks me out from updating licenses and plugins until Jira/Confluence is restarted (which can be days) it would make sense to add a little more information in your releases notes. This update for instance has this changelog: "Summary Bug fixes" What bugs are fixed? Will an upgrade once more mess with UPM and leave me with expiring plugins until next restart? You guys should really lead by example. For the love of God, Please spend more than 8 second when writing you release notes, so we then admins knows if it makes sense doing the update.. UPM Diary: 20170824 - 2 days after the upgrade finally 2.22.5 is released, this time with "Bug fixes". Dying to make another update that might hang my production server.
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    by Rinoux Yang on 2017-07-24
    Is bitbucket 5.2.2 compatible?
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    by Tymoteusz Tomaszuk on 2017-07-10
    An error was encountered while updating the UPM. See the logs for more details.
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    by Michael Benz on 2017-05-29
    Awesome plugin manager - really nice and friendly UI for managing everything plugin related.
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    by Paul Paul on 2017-03-07
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    Reviews for server

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    by Anus on 2018-04-15
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    by S K on 2018-04-06
    Working as intended... I Guess :-) Why do I always have to update the plugin manager? Just updated my test environment to 6.8.1 and it is still 2.22.5 while I can update it to 2.22.9... After a fresh instal... Why don't you ship the new version if you just updated?
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    by Marc Malan on 2018-04-05
    It has crashed our enterprise data centre JIRA twice, it seems like it disables all plugins and does not enable them again which results in us having to re-enable them on the database. Please get us some release notes supplying the risks of doing this addon upgrade as it has resulted in a lot of stress and down time
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    by 李少白 on 2018-01-10
    i don't know!
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    Version 2.22.10 Jira Server 6.3 - 7.9.2,
    Confluence Server 5.10.0 - 6.9.0,
    Bamboo Server 5.10.0 - 6.5.0,
    Bitbucket Server 3.3.0 - 5.10.1
    Released 2018-05-16


    Improved installation consent screen


    1. Log into your Atlassian application instance as an admin.
    2. Click the admin dropdown and choose Add-ons. The Manage add-ons screen loads.
    3. Click Find new add-ons from the left-hand side of the page.
    4. Locate Atlassian Universal Plugin Manager via search. Results include app versions compatible with your Atlassian application instance.
    5. Click Install to download and install your app.
    6. You're all set! Click Close in the Installed and ready to go dialog.

    To find older Atlassian Universal Plugin Manager versions compatible with your instance, you can look through our version history page.

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