BugDigger Plugin

for Jira Server 7.0.0 - 7.13.18 and more
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Remove the hard work from your bug reporting

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Get consistent bug reports on a click of a button

BugDigger grabs everything you need on a click of a button. Even busy or inexpert testers can generate useful bug reports. All what’s needed is a free browser add-on.

Capture all the useful information

Automatic capture of screendump, environment data and web site usage history. Quickly mark up the screenshot using built-in editor. Annotation tool can edit any image attached to your Jira issue.

Associate your web site with a Jira project

Users reporting issues on web sites associated with your Jira projects will be automatically redirected to the appropriate project. With host syncing enabled, this works globally without any user configuration.

More details

BugDigger Plugin for Jira allows anyone with free BugDigger browser add-on to submit detailed web application bug report without effort. BugDigger makes bug reports consistent automatically including:

  • screenshot of the web page,
  • the current URL and browser details,
  • recent activity on the web site.

Users can edit the screenshot (or any other image attached to a Jira issue) using included image annotation editor.

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BugDigger keeps collected contextual data until you select destination for your bug report