Custom Space User Management (Self-hosted)

for Confluence Server 7.0.1 - 7.19.2, Confluence Data Center 7.0.1 - 7.19.2 and more
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Delegate locally scoped user and group management to Confluence space admins

Create and manage space user groups

Allow space administrators to create/delete their own groups and manage users within those groups. Space admins can manage those groups' permissions to easily manage access to the space and individual pages.

Easily search for group members

Allow space administrators to find users in a powerful way, useful when you have a lot of users in your installation.

Bulk add/remove users from space groups

Allow space administrators to bulk administer their groups.

More details

The Confluence Space User Management (CSUM) addon was historically a free addon but has now been adopted by The Plugin People and will be offered under a commercial license, affecting releases from 2.5.0 (for Confluence 6.0+). In the 2.5.0+ release, we have:

  • Removed legacy SOAP user/group lookup, re-implemented with REST
  • Updated the addon for Compatibility with Confluence 6+
  • Reworked the Space and Plugin configuration screens to better blend with current Confluence versions

Future improvements will be to optimize the addon for DataCenter (CSUM-6)

Useful contact details for CSUM are:

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Space Admin auditing of all local-space CSUM actions is available from 2.5.1, filter by WHO performed an operation on what context group/user.