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OpsHub Integration Manager: Maximize the Benefits of IBM DOORS / DOORS NG & Jira Integration with Rich Text & OLE Objects' Sync

Sync Essential Data Elements Beyond Core Details

Sync rich text, comments, attachments, links, and OLE objects between IBM DOORS / DOORS NG & Jira without additional configuration. Streamline your requirements with formatted descriptions, diagrams, or embedded content.

Enable Conditional Synchronization with Ease

Upgrade the generic sync of IBM DOORS / DOORS NG & Jira with OIM! Enable data sync based on data attributes, field values, or workflow states in each tool, ensuring streamlined workflows and improved data quality.

Trace Requirements -> Dev Tasks & Change Log

Connect IBM DOORS / DOORS NG & Jira bidirectionally for a unified project view via OIM. Trace requirements to tasks, track changes, and have access to the latest information in your tools with real-time auto data sync!

More details

Integrate IBM DOORS / DOORS NG and Jira using OIM for:

  • GUI-based configuration, no scripting required to configure basic sync flows
  • High degree of configurability for data mapping and synchronization rules, allowing you to tailor the integration to your specific needs.
  • Built-in, customizable integrations for consistent data across platforms
  • Robust built-in conflict resolution and failure recover
  • History preservation between the integrated systems

Refer to the documentation and demo video to learn how OIM facilitates a bidirectional integration between IBM DOORS and Jira here.

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Connect with OpsHub’s experts for an initial discussion on your IBM DOORS / DOORS NG – Jira integration use case.

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