BuildPulse: Fix Flaky Tests Instantly and CI Optimization

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Stop wasting developer time! Find and fix flaky tests instantly, run tests based on changes, and cut test times in half

Centrally Catalog Flaky Tests

Automatically catalog flaky tests across all your repositories, uncover the impact of flaky tests, and automatically quarantine to mitigate wasted developer time. Sign up for free!

Find Root Cause Instantly

Find occurrences of test flakiness, when it was first and last seen (with links to the build), flakiness rates, pass rates, durations and more - surface relevant data for root-cause analysis.

Continuously Monitor Impact

Report on impact metrics - build stability, time consumed by flakiness, pass rates and more.

More details

  • Pays for itself in saved developer time
  • Integrates with all test frameworks including JavaScript (Cypress, Jest, Playwright), Ruby (minitest, RSpec), Go, Python, and others.
  • Find Root Cause: Easy access to build logs, first/last seen links, and slice & dice by service/team so you can get things back on track.
  • Test Quarantining: Automatically quarantine your flakiest tests, track in Jira, and un-quarantine when they're fixed - all automated and without leaving your favorite tools.
  • Pull Requests: Get instant feedback and block pull requests with new flaky tests
  • Intelligent Test Selection: Run tests based on changed files to save time and resources.
  • Notifications: Stay up to date with stability trends delivered directly to your inbox each week. Monitor CI health across your organization, so you can focus your resources where they'll have the biggest impact.
  • CI Analytics: Track granular pipeline health over time, identify bottlenecks, and capture metrics at the step level

Privacy and security

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Integration Details

BuildPulse: Fix Flaky Tests Instantly and CI Optimization integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • Ability to see the user's primary email address
  • Read access to pull requests and collaborate on them
  • Access to pull requests, and ability to create, merge and decline them


Track pipeline health over time, identify bottlenecks, and identify anomalies at the most granular level.