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OpsHub Integration Manager: Establish a Robust, Large -Scale Integration for Azure DevOps and Jira, Prioritizing Data Integrity

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Rich Data Sync between Azure DevOps and Jira

Seamlessly sync Comments, Attachments, Links, Inline content, and Entity Mention between ADO and Jira. Also, handle format discrepancies between Jira (Wiki markup) and ADO (HTML) using data transformation feature in OIM.

Sync Issue & Project Movement between Jira and ADO

Imagine moving a project from Jira containing user stories with attachments and comments. OpsHub takes care of smooth data movement between projects and issue types for Jira and ADO.

Track Progress with Auto Updates in their Systems

No more toggling between the tools or manual data transfers for ADO and Jira users. The product manager and developers have clear visibility into each other’s tasks’ progress in real-time from their tool of choice.

More details

Consider OIM to integrate Azure DevOps and Jira for:

  • Integration configuration from a user-friendly GUI, in no time, without having to write complex scripts
  • Field-level conflict management to define a conflict resolution policy
  • Dynamic mapping of user fields such as Assignee and Reporter, by automatically matching users by email ids or names, without the need for manual mapping of each user individually
  • Built-in no-code yet customizable integration capabilities to ensure data uniformity across both the platforms, handling conflicts and system failures seamlessly
  • Automated bidirectional data synchronization between Azure DevOps and Jira with access to all historical and current data in the user’s preferred system in real-time

Read this guide to learn how OIM connects Jira & ADO systems.

Read here to learn more about Jira integration with other ALM tools.

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