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Hierarchies and Relationships for Confluence

for Confluence Data Center 8.0.0 - 8.9.0
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Create and manage hierarchies with nodes, properties, relationships and links between hierarchies on different pages in Confluence

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Manage complex Hierarchies and Relationships

Create multi-level hierarchies or taxonomies.

Create different relationship types from node to node in the same or other hierarchy structures across your workspace.

View related nodes grouped by the relationship type.

Search and Create Multiple Relationships

Search hierarchies and nodes, display search results and view the hierarchy.

Create multiple relationships to other nodes using the search function.

View all related nodes in a drop down, grouped by relationship type.

Table like features with rich formatting

Create custom fields and update the field properties for each node using the formatting feature.

Apply rich formatting to your content for users to easily follow.

Sort the table content by each field or table column.

More details

Manage complex hierarchy structures and relationships in Confluence:

  • Add multiple hierarchy macros in a single page
  • Create different relationship types between nodes in any hierarchy
  • Group and display node links by the relationship type
  • Use text string to search all hierarchies and nodes
  • View the related hierarchy using the node link
  • Create custom property fields for each hierarchy
  • Move, cut, copy and paste nodes, their child nodes and their properties
  • Use advanced table like features with rich formatting

Common use cases to apply Hierarchy and Relationships include:

  • Link high level and detailed requirements, technical specifications or standards
  • Link multi-level processes & activities, and create SIPOC tables
  • Define and link service level functional & non-functional measures to the associated standards
  • Create Data Controller and Processor relationships with data processes
  • Create and publish roles and responsibilities, or a full RACI against processes

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