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AI for Jira

for Jira Data Center 8.20.0 - 9.17.1 and more
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Self-managed AI or OpenAI. Not only ChatGPT, but a more useful Jira! Transform teamwork with the power of AI & human collaboration

Natural language to JQL

Easily find relevant issues and their dependencies across Jira products, without being a JQL expert

Generative AI in Editor

AI-powered editing experiences help teams communicate more efficiently and effectively.

For example: Summarize in seconds. Adjust tone and improve writing to build confidence...

AI Analysis

You can create custom widgets based on JQL searches and display them on your dashboard, making it easier to track and monitor your work across projects. You can use AI for Jira to help you analyze JQL search results.

More details

Become a more useful Jira with AI, or use it together with AI for Confluence.

You can use OpenAI (ChatGPT), Azure or private Ollama AI (Llama2, Llama3...).

  • AI for Jira is designed to fast-track collaboration and empower teams to accelerate their work.
  • We provide a native AI experience that is contextual to you, your teams, and your workflows, all in a way that respects the privacy of your data.
  • Processes your user’s inputs to provide the outputs your user has requested. We do not store your input or output for any other purpose.

AI for Jira features:

  • Search for issues
    • Translate simple prompts into JQL queries to help quickly find your issues.
  • Generate and transform content
    • Draft new content, change tone, improve writing and make technical information easier for other teams to understand.
  • Summarize content
    • Save time and get the details you need to do your work faster by generating a quick summary of content.
  • Analysis
    • You can use AI for Jira to help you analyze JQL search results.
  • ......

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